Sunday, January 24, 2010

Building a Log Cabin

I was hoping that I would be able to enter a post at least once a week, but sometimes work deadlines encroach on weekends. Oh well.

I've been wanting to make a Log Cabin quilt for a long time now and recently watched Eleanor Burns give a tutorial using strip piecing on So I've taken a break from free-motion quilting and started a new project. I wanted to use fat quarters so I did a few calculations in order to determine what size I could make, limiting my strip lengths to 22 inches. I found out that my blocks could be 9 and one-half inches unfinished with 1 center square and 4 rows. Each strip was cut at 1 and one-half inches wide.
Above are the fabrics I chose. The 2 darker yellows and the 2 darker blues needed 2 fat quarters each.
The pictures above show the blocks after some strip piecing. This goes quite quickly.

Eleanor Burns mentioned that it wasn't necessary to iron between each row but after the first 2 rows I couldn't resist. Once I tried a couple layouts (I think the first layout is called All Sevens and the second is called Barn Raising), I found that I really liked the colours so far and now I'm not sure I want to add the darker rows. I might have to make another quilt with just these shades. I really like it up to this point.

The picture above shows how the block will look with the last 2 strips added. Hope I like it when it's done.

. . . and here comes the week.

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