Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Large Quilt Entry

This quilt measures about 60 inches by 60 inches.  To me that's a big sized lap quilt.  It was dwarfed hanging in the show.  It looked so small hanging on those large white sheets.  Now that I have it back home again, it appears to have grown back to its original size.  Hmm, it's all about relativity.
Now that it has a hanging sleeve on the back, we're going to hang it up on the wall rather than use it as a lap quilt.  It's my first large quilt and I'm not ready to use it like a quilt.  So much work went into it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Feather Plume with a Spine

Way back in February this year, Diane Gaudynski gave a tutorial at Sewcalgal's website.  She gave incredibly detailed instructions about how to form a free-motion plume with a spine.  I entered my small sample that is based on her tutorial in the local quilt show.  Although it didn't get a ribbon, it did get attention from other quilters.  I hope to tackle another whole-cloth quilt like this in a larger format with more elements.  I really liked using the silk thread on the blue portion of this piece.  Here are some close up pictures.  Enlarge them even more by clicking on them.  Can you tell that the brown quilting isn't silk?  I sure could when I was working with it.
The background quilting really does give it a sense of movement.  I named it "Grow" since that is my mission this year with free-motion quilting.  In June, Cindy Needham will be the tutor at the challenge hosted by Sewcalgal.  I'm really looking forward to her lessons as well.

Billie Holiday Earned a First

I'm thrilled.  This was my first time entering my work in a quilt show and one of my pieces got a ribbon.  The background quilting was the fastest to complete in the entire project and I think it's my favourite part.  I included a few music symbols among the leaves and flowers and swirls.
I was so hesitant to quilt her face.  It took the looming date for the entry to get me started.  Maybe that's what I need to get projects completed.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Local Guild Show Part 3

This is the final installment of pictures from the local show.  Most of these are pieced.  I took pictures the first day of the show and the last day, so some pictures will include ribbons and some won't even though they may have been awarded one.  What an amazing selection of quilts.  The workmanship was outstanding.

There were so many amazing quilts that I didn't get pictures of, but this is a good taste of what was on display.  I just wish I would have taken more images of each quilt's write up to honor each maker.  What a show.  I am in awe.