Monday, February 8, 2010

Alphabet Acrobatics

I cut the Alphabuddies that I showed in my last post into 5 and a half inch squares using this half-square triangle ruler by June Tailor. It is so accurate and being able to cut 2 sides at a time makes the process nice and quick. I used the inner black border to line up ruler markings since the outer border of each of the letters is a wavy brown representation of tree limbs.

This image shows what the final version might look like with the yellow sashing. I put some of the squares onto a folded section of the yellow flannel.

The other fabric I have for this project is black. To me the yellow is such a contrast that it looks a little too harsh.

I think I like it with an additional border of black. Once I get a couple of strips cut, I'll audition the blocks again.

These little animal characters are so well done. I also like that the printing includes upper and lower case letters. I've seen other panels with just upper case. It doesn't appeal to me as much.

So far, so good.

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