Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go Spineless?

I debated about including an echoed spine or just stitching a single line for the quilting in the border.  I decided this was all about practicing so I opted for the echo.  My first attempts felt so jerky, as if I hadn't practiced at all in the blue center portion.  This lack of control almost made me choose the single stitch, but I kept with it.  I did have to pull out a few stitches to fix some false starts, but after a while, things went a little smoother.

I used the Leaves Galore ruler and a chalk pencil to create the curved spine.

After drawing the spine, I drew a couple tendrils, then marked an outside border to stitch up to.  The backing fabric is not as large as the front, so I needed to be careful where to place this line.

I used the walking foot to create a border next to the center, then stitched and echoed the spine.  I've started the feathers, but decided it was a good time to stop for the night since I ran out of thread in the bobbin.


  1. Sorry there was a typo in my first comment so deleted it to correct it. I'm fussy that way.

    Holy Smokes Vicki! Your outside feather border is absolutely stunning! I love it. You did a most excellent job sewing in the stem and now the outside plumes. Are you planning to echo the entire border as well? Very, very well done.

  2. Thanks Tammy. I'll post an update on my progress. I kind of like a little area unquilted but it doesn't sit quite flat. I need to let it stew for a while:-)