Friday, February 17, 2012

Quilt Guild Library Books

We are encouraged to sign out multiple books from the Quilt Guild library at each meeting.  The selection is quite amazing.  These are the ones I picked out to read until mid March.  There's a bit of a theme here.  A little threadwork and a little applique. 

I also picked up a new book from our local quilt shop, Snip and Stitch.  Our guild newsletter included a 30% off coupon.  The great thing about the store's advertisement in the newsletter is that you can print the coupon multiple times and use it throughout February 15th to March 15th.  The next William Morris book by Michele Hill should be arriving in their store soon.

The store displays a couple wall quilts from this book.  I particularly like the blue one featured on the cover.  The store sample of the bird pattern is so striking.  I look forward to trying it.

I'm almost ready to try quilting my sample for the February tutorial hosted by SewCalGal.  Below are my latest pen doodles.  I think I will pick one of these versions to do with thread.  Hope to have pictures this weekend.

I didn't include an echoed spine on this sample.  I wanted to try doodling quickly with smooth curving lines for the spine.  This is the sample I would like to try with thread, but when I quilt it, I will do an echoed spine. 

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