Friday, January 27, 2012

FMQ Leaf Motif

It's been a long time since I practiced FMQuilting.  I have a top pinned and ready to attack, so I decided to practice using the same thread I hope to use on that top.  I have chosen Bottom Line for the bobbin and for the top.  My machine prefers the same thread for both.  The batting is Warm and Natural.  The thread is very fine, so I decided to sew with a Microtex 70/10.  This combination seemed to work well.

Loved doing the swirls.

Here is a variation I did on a border.
I always feel so tentative when beginning the free-motion stage of the quilting process.  I am so glad for these internet opportunities to practice and participate with others.  I really enjoy seeing what others are choosing for thread, batting and design variations.

Be sure to pop over to Sew Cal Gal to see what others have done and to see who is offering tutorials.


  1. Wow! your free motion quilting is excellent. I love your leaves. How did you get the little swirly circle in the leaves? Well done, very nice work.

  2. Ditto Wow! I really have to get to my sewing room and practise. Wish I was at your stage in FMQ but I try. Super, love your FMQ.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I really liked the Frantastic-Stitch Witchery post with the heart swirls and drew them on paper over and over.
    I have a stack of recycled paper that I doodle on in the evening when I'm too tired to accomplish anything needing focus. I've practiced feathers more than any other design and feel more confident with them than with stippling or other fillers. I actually think feathers are now part of my muscle memory. My goal is to develop a lot of variety this year.