Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little More Free-Motion Quilting

It's the last day of the month in the evening.  How's that for leaving it to the last minute.  I love how swirls look when quilted.  I like the puff that the rounded areas create throughout a background.  I especially like it when it is done with a tighter pattern and small circles pop out here and there.  The Jester's Hat that Wendy Sheppard taught for this month's challenge hosted by SewCalGal has that kind of pattern.   Here are a couple of practice doodles I created using the Jester's Hat motif.
My earlier doodles included more swirls than hat tips.
I started getting the hang of the hat with leaves in the center.
I found it a little difficult to quilt evenly.  This will take a little more practice.
I really enjoy reading Wendy Sheppard's blog called Ivory Spring.  She has some great tutorials.  Thank you Wendy and SewCalGal for hosting these tutorials.

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  1. For last minute quilting your sample is great! I enjoyed this one too.