Saturday, August 25, 2012

Melt Down and Burn Out Workshop

Last weekend I participated in a fabric art workshop called Melt Down and Burn Out.  I found out that the presenter, Eileen Neill, will probably not be hosting this workshop again, but will be doing more with screen printing.  I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to learn from her in this final presentation.  She shared a wealth of knowledge and brought so many materials to play with.  She has worked with many of the leading fabric art icons in Great Britain and even though this workshop was over 2 days, I could have spent at least a week playing and learning.
Inspirational books.
Heating the puff paint.
Distressing Tyvek.
My work in progress ... painted Tyvek, Lutradur, and Puff paint.
This workshop required the participant to bring quite a few of her own materials as well.  I was amazed that all I needed to buy was the puff paint.  Over the years, I had collected all sorts of fabric sheers, netting, fabric paint, and brushes, knowing that one day I would start exploring this field.  I think seeing Margaret Beal's work in Quilting Arts magazines first 'sparked' my interest.  I love what she does with a soldering iron and sheers.  My projects from the workshop aren't quite finished yet, but with this style of art, who really knows what 'finished' is?

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