Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seeing Double at Crawford's Farm

When I first looked at all the quilts hanging at Crawford's farm, I thought I was seeing the same quilt done a second time in a different colour way.  Then I spotted another, and another, and another.  They just kept appearing.  It turns out there are 9 of these Grandmother Block quilts on display.  Each one looks a little different depending on the placement of the blocks.  Of course, the borders really affect the overall look.  It's amazing how much influence the border choice has.  Let's see if I got pictures of all 9.
Version 1 (Look at the binding.  Nice).
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5
Version 6
Version 7
Version 8
Ahhh!  Version 7
Version 6 again!
Version 5!
I think this is version 4!
Close up of some of the fabrics.
Here's the story behind the quilts called Grandmother's Dream.
Each of the quilters in the group shared fabric.  If you examine each quilt carefully, you can see that each shares the same blocks with the same fabrics, but they're all placed differently.  I'm so curious about version 9.  Version 9, where are you?

Paulette, from Sweet P Quilting, also blogged about these quilts.  She heard from one of the makers, and got the "cutting edge" details.  This was a group project presented by Bettye Sheppard.  I think I'll head over there and hunt for version 9.  We both couldn't have missed it.

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