Monday, August 13, 2012

Walking the Tightrope ... and Then Some!

My DH and I visited Wild Play for an afternoon walk through the treetops.  I thought the height would give me vertigo, but I rarely had the chance to look down.  Most of my attention was focused on that precise next step.  The platforms located at each tree provided welcome and necessary rest stops.  Whewww!

This was one of the guides coaxing us on.
The young have no fear.
This fellow decided to try the course with no hands!
I made my DH go in front so I could assess my strategy after watching him.
This took a lot of arm strength.
The net you can just make out in the distance is one that you fly into using a knotted rope swing on a zip line.
Exiting from a great 2 hour walk.
What an incredible course.  I want to go again!
Luckily we chose a cooler day ( in the lower 20s) to do this course.  I don't think I could have survived temperatures in the 30s like we've been experiencing this week.  We'll go again this summer, just for the trail hike below the course.  It'll be fun to see what we did by looking up from the ground.

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